We're a family here to help families

We've been in your shoes

Hi my name is Jensy along with my husband Albert decided to start out on this venture together. Why you may ask? Well after we too nearly lost our house we figured there was other families out there who may be facing the same problem we did. We were losing our house, weren't able to afford the repairs the house needed in order to put it on the market, we felt trapped... We didn't want to ruin our credit or the possibility of ever owning another house again.

So my husband and I did our research and looked at our options. We were able to find someone who was open and willing to help us. 

We were grateful!!!

We were able to  sell our house the way it was and only took a little over 2 week.

That's when we decided that we could help others who were in our shoes.

See we saw this as a learning experience. One that not only could benefit us but also other families around North Carolina. 

Now my husband and I have successfully been doing this for a little over 3 years.

We've been helping families and individuals who don't see a way out!!!

We understand that it may be hard to list a house that may need some repairs.

We also understand that sometimes bills may get out of hand.

We've been there, we know.

But we're here to help.


We make it easy

We make it easy on you as the seller. We cover all the closing costs. We work with a great attorney that will make everything as simple as possible.

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